The Bonds Electronic Trading Landscape 2017

By | Report, Sellside Trends

This report explores the contemporary electronic bonds trading venue landscape. Quantitative analysis of the bonds e-trading landscape aims to put into context and track the advancement of how the historically central role of sellside broker-dealers in the intermediation of liquidity flows is being eroded by regulation and is instead being replaced by new structures outside the confines of the investment bank balance sheet.

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Digital Industrialisation: Automating the Sellside Product Manufacturing Process

By | Article, Digital Industrialisation & Transformation

The so-called digital transformation of the ways in which investment banks operate as businesses overall began more than one decade ago. However, not all of the technology that banks needed in order to fully realise this transformation has always been readily available, and the last five-to-10 years have seen a significant rate of growth in the data processing and analytics needed to realise ideas that have been gestating for some time.

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