Wholesale Financial Markets Companies & Adaptation to the GDPR: Assessing the Potential Costs

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When considering the potential impact that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could have on the entirety of the bloc’s corporate economic sector, look no further than the findings of an April 2017 Veritas survey in which 20% of the 900 respondents – characterised as “senior business decision makers” – expressed concern that, globally, non-compliance could put them out of business.

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The Bonds Electronic Trading Landscape 2017

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This report explores the contemporary electronic bonds trading venue landscape. Quantitative analysis of the bonds e-trading landscape aims to put into context and track the advancement of how the historically central role of sellside broker-dealers in the intermediation of liquidity flows is being eroded by regulation and is instead being replaced by new structures outside the confines of the investment bank balance sheet.

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