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This division has been established to compliment GreySparks consultancy offering and in response to an industry-wide demand for quality and impartial analysis of markets trends.

Delivering research reports on timely industry topics, our innovative approach, different from traditional research firms, is based on three distinctive pillars:

  • Close relationships with a large number of decision-makers in all segments of the financial industry (Buyside and Sellside, regulators, trading venues and vendors)
  • Practical experience of delivering actual business and technology solutions to financial institutions
  • Rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis

 GreySpark Partners

GreySpark is a consultancy providing services exclusively to Capital Markets businesses.

We are the trusted advisors to the world’s leading finance houses. We help the leaders to make substantial, lasting improvements to the performance of their organisations.

For further information please visit:

GreySpark Partners
Capacity House
2-6 Rothsay Street
London SE1 4UD
Tel: +44 20 7011 9870

GreySpark Offices
 Hong Kong
 New York

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